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 with Shane Harrison

Certified Professional Coach

Are you or your organization experiencing a lot of stress, going through a big change and simply want to achieve your highest potential?
You are greater than you know.
We provide individuals and organizations support with several professional coaching programs.

Coaching Programs
Option 1 - Positive Intelligence 6 week Program
You can choose from several options including a six week Mental Fitness program (virtual-online), Positive Intelligence. This program is based on research that includes work with 100's of CEOs, Stanford Students, and over 500,000 participants.  This is the program to choose if you are looking for a quick and sustainable shift to move you toward your desired goals. 
Option 2 - COR.E Energy Leadership & Transitions Dynamics Program
You can also choose training and coaching around how you show up energetically with the Energy Leadership and Transitions program.  This program includes an assessment of where you are, and over 200 exercises and coaching to move you toward your goals with a focus on leadership or transition, whichever you choose at the start of the program.  These programs can be delivered over a longer period of time if your schedule does not allow you to take the 6 week Positive Intelligence program.  These are also a great next step for those who did the work in the 6 week program and are ready to dig deeper as they move forward.
All coaching programs can be delivered one on one, or in a group format.

About Shane

As a Certified Professional Coach and a member of the International Coaching Federation with 30 years of experience in leadership and helping others, Shane's focus is on you and helping you achieve your goals.
Shane is a father, husband, veteran, and former Vice President of Human Resources and National Director of Payroll who now focuses on helping professionals and leaders achieve their personal best. He brings over thirty years of leadership experience from the military and business to support clients. Having worked in senior roles for companies ranging in size from 1,000 to 25,000 employees, he brings a great deal of insight into the myriad of issues that individuals and organizations encounter.

What Clients are Saying...


I worked with Shane for approximately 6 months to help me breakthrough some areas that were limiting me as I was looking to start my new business. Working with Shane was an experience that not only challenged me to push beyond my comfort zone, but at the same time gave me a safe place to explore some limiting beliefs and thoughts I had about my ability to make this a success.  Shane is a warm, genuine person and he has a style that puts a person at ease right away. He takes the time to understand your goals by listening intently and then takes you on a journey to explore the possibilities that life could present by reframing your current thinking. Bringing laughter and humor into the equation. I would highly recommend working with Shane to help you live your best life.

Donna C., Founder/President


Shane approaches every session with compassionate curiosity, never judging but listening intently then asking insightful questions that have always helped me to figure out the challenges I've brought to him. He is a remarkable human who coaches from a place of love, honoring clients from wherever they are coming. You can't find a more humble yet knowledgeable coach than Shane. I cannot recommend him enough.

Meredith M., Business Development Professional turned Management Consultant


Shane’s calm presence is just one of his superpowers! I was going through some significant life changes and transitions while working with him. By being present and authentically meeting me where I was, Shane created a safe space for me to explore my thoughts and feelings about these changes. He helped me identify steps to design my path forward. Thank you!

Debbie K., former operations executive, current small business owner


Thank you Shane, your program is making a positive difference coping with my loss and activating this new venture. Thank you so much.

Richard, Business Owner, Automotive


I have worked with Shane for the past six months and he is a wonderful coach. He’s a great listener, easy to talk to and trust, and I made huge gains in starting my business with his help as a coach. Shane is definitely worth the investment. 

Holly P., Business Owner


Shane is an awesome Mental Fitness Trainer, Leadership Coach and such a great listener. Confidentiality and trust are a must for him. He is also professional, smart, genuine, kind, friendly, enthusiastic, empathic and funny! He is compassionate, easygoing, non-judgmental and creates a safe space for you. He is really committed to helping you reach your goals and get you from point A to point B in your life. I highly recommend Shane to work on your confidence, your gifts and your high potential. He brings to the table lots of knowledge, skill, and tools to help you grow, be successful and live a happy and authentic life! 

J.D., Entrepreneur, Entertainment


Shane is kind, thoughtful and insightful.  He has a gentle demeanor, is quick to smile and loves a good laugh. He was patient with me as I meandered through my unformulated thoughts and ideas.  I never felt rushed or judged while I was speaking. He created a safe, calm space for me to share my challenges and be my most vulnerable self. He comes from a richly diverse background, which provides him with a perspective that speaks to many individuals who may feel unheard. I always left a session with Shane feeling peaceful, yet energized.

Audra D., Business Owner